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face reading (Astrology) in india
'Physiognomy' or 'Face reading'. It is obvious that when we meet an unknown person, we try to understand his feelings by looking at his face. So the origin of Physiognomy traces back to the date of origin of human beings.

Astrology has originated from Vedas (the oldest Hindu books of knowledge) and flourished in ancient India, lakhs of years ago. Its roots cannot be traced, but it was discussed and much regarded by all the great Indian seers like Parashara, Jaimini and others. Astrology is referred to as ‘Jyotish’ , which means ‘related to Light’. But then what is light?

The word light is indicative of knowledge, and darkness is a symbol of ignorance. Astrology lights the path of human beings and provides better guidance in molding their future.

We know that Sun is the principal source of light and heat. The rays of Sun fall on plants and produce food in them by ‘photosynthesis’, which is highly desirable for any plant to grow. Sun is a factor for the entire vegetation to grow on this earth and the animals and human beings are depending on it. Then , is there any surprise if Sun is called ‘soul’ of the universe ? Sun is also referred to as ‘Chakshu’ of the Omnipotent. Chakshu means eyes. With eyes we can be in light. Without eyes we will be in darkness. Hence, Greeks and Egyptians called Sun as god of Astrology.

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